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Sports massage on leg

Jacquiline Agyepong

BSc in Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation and Soft Tissue Diploma

Jacquiline Agyepong is former Olympic international Athlete specialising in sports and exercise rehabilitation, sports massage, soft tissue therapy and mobilisation. Jacquiline treats injuries using her 25 years in sport at international and Olympic level incorporating, exercise, Remedial and deep tissue massage, soft tissue therapy, mobilisation, myofascial release. 

​Jacquiline uses her 20 years of experience in injuries and rehab and knowledge to treat and diagnosis all types of injuries from sports to repetitive strain injuries and stress related problems. Techniques from muscle management, soft tissue alignment, movement screening and mobilisation to strengthening and functional alignment training, aiding in performance improvement, functional health and wellbeing of her clients. 

Jacquiline Agyepong: Team

Clinic Hours

Monday 2:30pm - 7:30pm Tuesday 11am - 3pm

Jacquiline Agyepong: Opening Hours

Price List

60 Minute Session

60 Minutes


30 Minute Session

30 Minutes


Jacquiline Agyepong: Price List
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